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Meet Christine


With over four decades of deep-rooted commitment to the Cy-Fair community, Christine Kalmbach stands as the epitome of a qualified and dedicated candidate for the Cy-Fair ISD Board of Trustees. Her extensive experience, unwavering dedication, and impressive accomplishments make her the ideal choice to serve and uplift the educational landscape of Cy-Fair ISD.

Christine’s roots in Cy-Fair run deep, having called this community her home for over 42 years. She attended Arnold Middle School and graduated from Cy-Fair High School in 1985. She has volunteered over 26 years in CFISD and currently serves as a Bus Buddy and Global Volunteer/ Mentor in the District. This local connection has provided her with an understanding of the needs and aspirations of the district’s students, parents, and educators.

As a successful Licensed Professional Realtor in Northwest Houston, Christine has not only helped countless clients buy and sell homes within CFISD but has also contributed to the district’s growth and prosperity. Her achievements in real estate, including over 50 awards in less than five years and a place within the Top 3% of all Houston Realtors, demonstrate her commitment to excellence and drive for success.

Christine’s selflessness extends beyond her professional life. Her involvement with various nonprofit organizations, causes, and professional groups showcases her dedication to community service. She has played a role in the democratic process as a Republican Elections/Precinct Judge and Election Clerk. She gained vital experience through her campaign for Texas House of Representatives District 138. Her engagement with the Hearthstone Garden Club, New Heart of Texas Ministries, Houston’s First Baptist Church-Cypress, and other organizations reflects her desire to create a better community for everyone.

Christine envisions a partnership with parents and a heartfelt commitment to serving every family within the Cy-Fair community. With her extensive ties to the district and her rich history of community engagement, she is well-prepared to bring fresh perspectives and innovative solutions to the CFISD Board of Trustees.

Christine is married to the love of her life, Steve, a CPA working in industry. Their nearly 27 years of marriage and faith have brought them many blessings, including raising their three children in Cy-Fair that have grown up and are leading successful lives.


The Kalmbach Family

Early Voting
Oct. 23-Nov. 3!

"Everyone should look out not only for his own interests, but also for the interests of others."
Phil. 2:4

Nov. 7th
is Election Day!


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Christine wants to ensure that we as a district are excellent, effective and essential with teaching the basics of education, supporting and training teachers in the classroom, and partnering with parents to have communication, trust, respect and accountability. We must have transparency in our budget/accounting and improve student outcomes in the school district.

Safety First

Safety for Students and Teachers

School safety encompasses a wide range of measures and practices aimed at creating a secure and a positive learning environment for students, staff, and visitors within educational institutions. It involves various strategies and precautions to prevent and respond to potential risks and threats. School safety is a combined effort that requires trust and rapport among school administrators, teachers, students, parents, law enforcement, and the wider community. Christine's seeks the goal to create an environment in CFISD where security is excellent for our students, teachers and staff!

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Improving Student Outcomes

A school board plays a significant role in improving student outcomes by setting policies, making decisions, and providing oversight that directly and indirectly affect the quality of education; educational standards, allocating the proper resources to train teachers, data-driven decision making and assessment strategies to measure student progress while encouraging innovation. Strategic planning and reviewing continuous improvements will measure student outcomes. Christine seeks to encourage essential open communication, trust and respect with parents, teachers, community members and the school board.

Image by Anthony Garand

Excelling in Reading & Comprehension

All children in our district deserve to be able to read! Readers are leaders! Teacher training, development and research are key to training students to learn to read. Students' ability in reading, vocabulary and comprehension can be measured through various assessments. A science-based literacy approach to teaching our students to read will ensure they are equipped with the basics to truly be able to learn and excel in all subjects! Christine seeks the goal of implementing essential strategies and developing strong reading skills that will serve students as a foundation for their academic success.


Vote for Christine! Nov. 7th is
Election Day!

42+ yrs


Longtime CFISD Resident!

30+ yrs

Community Service & Volunteering!

20+ yrs



Endorsed by:

Steve D., Jennifer B., Amy S., Mary Jo H., Julie W., Ann W., Kim F., Kelly R., Jen H., Eileen M., Joyce B., Diane Z., Lorrie L., David Y., Lester L., Lynne P., Teri T., Mary Lee M., Kathleen T., Janet B., Ronda R., James S., Jason O., Matthew F., Carolyn W., Dianna G., Courtney S., DeeAnn S., Carrie H., Jeff F., Michele A., Linda C., Andrea Z., William E., Susan F., Michael F., Dana G., Breanne H., Ricki L., C. L., Robin G., T. H., Todd L., Robert F., Stephen L., Vern W., Phyllis J., Natalie L., Todd S. Jon K., Carol B., S. K., Dennis L., Bruce B., Alonzo G., Wallace S., Connie M., Junior M., Clark G., Ernest S., Debbie M., Ray W., Gary G., Louis C. Elmer L., Daniel B., Ken H., Z. S., Lonnie W., Marshall H., L. S. Cecil D., Dan K., Alfred A., Jerry M., David R., Darwin S., Randy B., Leonard M., Jim O., Daniel M., James H. Dennis I., Dean H. Leonard W., N. L., Doug L., Len G., Kenneth C., Michael S. Michael N., S. D., Derrell G., Troyce W., Mildred D., Robert J., Ron W., Charles L., Brad M., Joey L., William B., Joe G., Caellum W., Steve J., I. Z., Brian D., Donald E., Joseph H., David C., R.K., Tom D., Al B., Andy L., Jose O., Don C., Noah R., Terrance A., Don S., El W., Marvin C., M.M., Fred B., Phil A., Bobby B., Jeff K., Terry P., Allan M., John E., William C., Marion D., Lambert Q., Hank D., Clay M., Soli H., April A., Kam K., Chuck S., Muhammer H., Joe B., Thomas H., Serafin R., V.H., Joshua S., M. M., Joshua S., Joel C., Tom N., Juan V., James J., Ron B., Don H., Scottie P., Paul L., Tim H., Raul B., Loney S., Dave W., Ray C., Sean J., Norma A., Massey R., Rosa M., Ricky M., M.H., Steve S., James T., John D., Robert P., Don L., David M., Michael V., Gary J., Fred F., Roby M., Larry J., Rick C., Jose R., Chandler P., Lera M., Terry M., E.M., Lisa T., Esthela S., James M., E.L.C., Marissa C., Haley R., Eddie V., Chris F., Kim Z., David H., Betsy L., Monte F., Jan B., Andy S., Alice M., Marie W., Joe W., Jamie B., Bonnie L., Kylee R., Letty O., Jay F., Dale F., Heidi P., Logan T., Bob C., Lonnie P., Trina F., Nichole W., Mike W., Leslie K., Laura J., Esperanza G., Mark E., Kim L., Ann S., Kay D., Tom Z., Mai T., Martha P., Beth H., Wayne M., Franklin N., Norma M. Julie R., Lori E., Gay P., Larry T., Nicole G., Ken C., Bobby J., Jan O., Janet C., Tim K., Cynthia K., Steve J., Todd S., Mark F., Taylor B., Doug M., Shannon P., Kevin S., Carrie H., Tom O., Carol Z., Steve F., Marcy L., Lanette M., Diane H., Chiristopher H., Veronica K., Amboy C., Q.T., Bill B., Micheline H., M.E., Tom N., Ken M., Linda N., Marvin T., Leslee M., Lorrie C., Andy V., Kim Q., Kim H., Gary G., Brett S., Julie K., April R., Cindy H., Denise B., Connie S., Ann L., Dennis N., Jennifer F., Bill E., Sav J., Jennifer B., Janie L. Paula S., Laurie F., HD, Liz B., Jennifer F., 

Senator Ted Cruz
Texas State Representative HD 130 Tom Oliverson

County Commissioner PCT. 3 Tom Ramsey

Harris County Constable Ted Heap
CFISD School Board Member Natalie Blasingame

CFISD School Board Member Scott Henry
Julie McCarty

Texas State GOP
Texas Latino Conservatives

Harris County GOP

Cy-Fair for Liberty PAC

True Texas Project

Signed Texans for Vaccine Freedom Pledge

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